Duyvken Quilts

I started this blog to learn to quilt from all the wonderful resources there are online and in the blogosphere. I have learned so much in the 6 years I've been quilting and these are some of the quilts that I have made. A quilting record, if you will. I'm not in love with all of them but I feel like I am getting closer to the styles and fabrics that I like with each quilt that I make. Some are made by hand, some are machine made and some are a mix of the two. I don't get through projects quickly but I thoroughly enjoy the process and that's an important part of it for me.

Scrappy diamonds for Zara
minkee backed, tied log cabin quilt for delilah rose
minkee ruffle edged blanket for Emily Elize

pieced pear quilt for Tommy
family of seven quilt - click here for the tutorial.
 A charm quilt for Georgia Matilda.

My first quilt. A sampler quilt and hand stitched and quilted.

Cot quilt for Alexander Jack

Quilt for Agatha Rose
Picture quilt for J
Cot quilt for Katherine Ilona
A quilt made as part of the values quilt-a-long hosted by Sew Katie Did.
A quilt for my son, J. This is one of my favourite fabrics, 2d zoo, and slaap lekker means sleep well in dutch.
A quilt made for a fundraising auction at the children's school.
Stroller quilt.
Stroller quilt made for my nephew, Edward.
Cot quilt.

Stroller quilts.

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