Night of the Notables is a program the year 6 students do each year at the little duyvkens' school. They spend several months researching a person of note, writing a report and preparing a presentation. All this work comes together for one night when the students set up their stands and give a short talk about their person.
J studied Theo van Gogh for his Night of the Notables last year. Theo is Vincent's brother, he was also a painter but mostly worked as an art dealer. He was a great supporter of Vincent's work, financially supporting Vincent so that he could keep painting. He was also a great brother, caring for Vincent through his many ups and downs and supporting him during the times he was institutionalised. J was very taken with the importance of Theo in Vincent's life and the importance of these people we don't often hear about but who make it possible for some of the people we do hear about to shine.
When we heard that the National Gallery of Victoria was holding a van Gogh exhibition he was very excited. We booked our tickets and flights and impatiently waited for June! This past weekend it finally arrived and my darling J and I hopped our afternoon flight. We had a great weekend together -hanging out, eating, chatting (lots of chatting!) and wandering around beautiful Melbourne. He's a wonderful travel companion.
10 years ago I took G to Melbourne for a weekend to visit an art deco exhibition so, now that I've done this with J, it's a tradition. I get to do this 4 more times! How lucky am I?
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Heart full.


Kris Butson said…
Just wonderful. xxx

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