Edible Wafers Fluttering

The collective noun for butterflies is flight, so there's a flight of butterflies on my kitchen counter right now. C and the Littlest Duckling baked cupcakes with me this morning and we decorated them with pale pink icing and edible wafer butterflies this afternoon. It looked like they fluttered in on the sunbeams streaming in through the kitchen window and landed on some plump, rosy flowers.
There doesn't seem to be a collective noun for cupcakes which strikes me as a gaping hole in the english language. Thankfully, I am not the only person who has noticed this. All-Sorts.org are even running a poll. None of their suggestions are particularly engaging so I am putting forward my own.
Cupcakes always bring good tidings so maybe we could call a group of them a herald, or a celebration.
'Sarabeth brought a celebration of cupcakes to school today for her birthday.' Or,
'There's a herald of cupcakes on the table and the tea is brewing in the pot. We're ready for Oma's visit.'
What do you think, dear Reader? I'd love to hear your ideas for an appropriate collective noun for cake.
In the meantime, the little duyvkens and I are going to pack some of these up for my niece's 9th birthday. I am sure we'll eat a few as we go. In the name of quality control, of course.


blackbird said…
A flutter of cakes, a blush of cakes, a trove of cakes, a beauteous passel of cakes!
Duyvken said…
Great suggestions, blackbird. I also like the treasure/precious things line of thinking. A cache of cupcakes works too but tribe of cakes immediately makes me hungry!
Duyvken said…
*trove not tribe!
Eleanor from your commentbox said…
A suite of cupcakes

E x
Kris Butson said…
Oh my! Where did you get the butterflies from? xx

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