Irrational Grief and Disappointment

My dad would have liked these. He liked liquorice allsorts. Darrell Lea liquorice allsorts particularly. When I saw these in the supermarket I felt quite cross that they didn't bring them out in time for him to try them. I know that there are much bigger things that he has missed and that we have missed sharing with him but this tipped me over the edge. I started weeping a little in the supermarket. I don't even like allsorts but I couldn't leave them behind. So, I bought them and I fed them to the kids and we remembered him. Seeing the kids enjoy them made me feel a little better.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Heart full.


Lynn said…
It comes around in waves, long after you think it will. At least that's been my experience. Much love to you -- L xx
blackbird said…
I can't look at an absolutely ridiculous candy we have called Circus Peanuts. They are banana flavored marshmallows shaped like peanuts and are orange. My dad's favorite.

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