Choose Your Own Adventure

This is one of my favourite photos. My nan took it with her very smart, pocket sized, point and click camera when she visited us sometime in the late 1970s. I am probably 2 years old here and just about to become a big sister.
Nan was famous for chopping people’s heads off in photos. I imagine this is because she was looking over the camera as she took the picture and not peering through the little viewfinder. Almost all her photos turned out like this and they were all still deemed good enough to put into photo albums. We have page after page of them.

Was I smiling? Looking glum? Squinting? Probably, I was always squinting. I can’t know for sure but this ‘choose your own adventure’ style of photography lets me pick. So I choose – smiling at my loving but stern nan, squinting into the sunshine while she took the picture. With the sunshine at her back her short red hair, fashionably set, would have formed a glowing halo. Perhaps, I am gazing (squintingly) at her adoringly. Marvelling at this wondrous creature with big glasses and a big laugh who has suddenly appeared before me.


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