Artisanal Quilting (that's not really a thing)

The AG2R quilt top has been finished for a while now and, despite sandwiching it, pin basting it and leaving it lying around those little elves haven't turned up to finish it for me.
Mr Duyvken is sleeping in preparation for a big ride tomorrow and I have a Midsomer Murders episode to watch and G to keep me company while I try to get this quilted and bound tonight. You can see that I use the traditional yet little seen pizza board and pencil method of quilt marking. We are form believers in the ancient arts chez Duyvken.


Michelle said…
Do you do the quilting by hand or machine? I keep thinking I need to go find out how to use a long arm, just because. But first, I still have to set up my sewing's all still in boxes. and boxes. and boxes.

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