Llamas for Billy in Bristol

120cm square, liberated star blocks, backed in minkee and bound in the same fabric I used to bind the quilt I gave his big sister. I hope you enjoy your quilt, little one.
This quilt, although intended as a baby quilt took me ages to finish and the months kept going past like those scenes in old movies where a strong wind turns the calendar pages over. Swoosh! Before I knew it I had even missed his first birthday. His FIRST birthday! Oh my. So it's late but it's made with love and I hope he likes snuggling underneath it and worrying the tags and the prairie points with his fingers as he drifts off to sleep. Or maybe he will drag it around, dripping food on it and draping it over things to make hiding places. That is also a very good way to use a quilt.
The link to his big sister's quilt is here.


blackbird said…
It's very sweet and I'll bet it's super snuggly.

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