We have taken a lot of photos over the years! I came across this very wonderful memory from 2010. It is thoroughly self-indulgent to share it with you but this is a blog after all so here it is. These photos were taken at The Tropical Spice Garden in Penang. It is a beautiful garden, set on the edge of a beautiful island. We walked through the gardens, finding it ever more beautiful with each corner we turned. We climbed up through the muggy heat of the lower gardens and came to the Monkey Tree Restaurant. We sat on the deck, looking out over Teluk Bahang bay and I ate the best tofu I have ever had. I would love to be able to replicate it but I know that unless I was sitting in a magical garden on a steamy afternoon with my family it wouldn't taste quite as good. I would love to go back here one day. When we visited in 2010 we had 4 little duyvkens and I was pregnant with Sweetie. Time flies!


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