Mr Duyvken

If you have been reading the blog for a while and have followed the adventures of Mr Duyvken you have probably noticed that he likes to cook. Not just cook but do things from scratch. Want tofu? Make your own tofu press. Like sourdough? Harvest wild yeast to make a mother and spend years slowly perfecting your technique. Think macaroons are yummy? Cue macaroon making technique You Tube marathon. Wood-fired pizza your thing? Build a pizza oven.
He doesn't do things by halves, that's for sure.
So, what's the deli meats situation? You ask. Don't fret, dear reader. Mr Duyvken found a fridge on ebay and a few other components he needs and he is constructing his own drying chamber.
I sense a new mini-obsession blossoming. A harvest of salamis and sopressas can't be far behind.


blackbird said…
Parallel lives.
K is doing the exact same thing.

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