Knowing What It's Not

One of our neighbours has a beautiful garden and she sometimes gives us plants that she has dug out of her yard to plant in ours. We have a 'yesterday, today and tomorrow' and some impatiens from her in a spot near the clothesline that is quickly becoming known as Mrs Rutherford's corner. She is often watering her front garden as we leave in the morning and most of our neighbourly chats happen over the fence while the little duyvkens are getting into the car and running back into the house to collect forgotten hats, library books and water bottles. This week I found this waiting for me on the fence post - plants that she had dug out for me that she has growing prolifically around her back shed. She said 'They're not ranunculus' which completely charmed me.
When the news about the flood of refugees fleeing Syria, and the heartbreaking death of Aylan Kurdi and his brother and mother came later in the week it reminded me of the 'what it's not'. It's not compassionate, it's not humane, it's not kind. It's also not right to just be a spectator or to engage in clicktivism without further action.
So, what can we do? What should we do?
We have donated to the UNICEF appeal, we have written to our Ministers about both the Syrian refugees and other asylum seekers waiting to be properly processed here in Australia, and we lit a candle for Aylan and all the others. We see you and we will remember you.
So, they're not ranunculus, I guess we'll know what they are when they flower. It is my hope that our compassion, humanity and kindness will flower with them.


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