Fortune. Truth.

We went out for chinese for my birthday dinner last week. It was a brightly lit strip mall restaurant completely empty of people dining in except for the eight of us. People were coming and going with take away containers, the door bell jingling with each entry and exit. There was a tank filled with brightly coloured fish, and red paper dragons hanging from the ceiling wished us a belated Gong Hey Fat Choy. We ordered all our favourites, ate our fill, laughed with the sweet owner who kept complimenting the children on their behaviour (perhaps to encourage good manners as much as to reward them), enjoyed spinning the lazy susan around (it was the littlest duckling's first and she was very taken with it) and then the fortune cookie plate arrived. Everyone took one and shared their fortunes until there were only two left on the plate  One each for Mr Duyvken and me. Mr Duyvken cracked his and we laughed at whatever impenetrably profound thing it said and then I cracked mine. I unfolded the paper, read it and knew straight away I would be keeping this fortune. I have tucked it into a frame, with one of my favourite photos, where I will see it every day and always remember the night I turned 41.
A little madness, a little kindness, makes for happiness.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Heart full.


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