Magnolia by James J Shannon.

 Veselkas ukrainian diner in the East Village. I'd love a citrus salad and some potato cakes right now, or maybe a plate of pirogis.

 Rosa Mexicano.

FAO Schwarz. This one's for you Kris.

There are so many other good things that I don't have photos of; cupcakes, chocolate chunk cookies, fries with every meal, soup and half sandwich lunches, meeting the wonderful Blackbird for lunch (the most stylish person you can imagine, I felt like such a slob sitting next to her), everything bagels, flagels with cream cheese, dinners with my cousin, cheesecake, spending 20 hours in Atlanta visiting Mr Duyvken's sister and her family and spending so much time with my sweet G.


blackbird said…
That was a dreamy day - so horrifically cold outside and so very cozy in the restaurant.
It's a wonderful thing to feel so connected to internet friends, isn't it?
Duyvken said…
It really is wonderful, Blackbird. Let's do it again one day. x
Lynn said…
There's very little I miss about the United States, but that authentic-looking Mexican food? Sigh.

(And what a beautiful painting up top!)

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