Mr Duyvken got this card from a friend for his birthday. In one of those weird little twists of life it really hits the mark. I have only been mistaken for someone 'famous' once in my life and they have a Mr Bean link.
I was standing on Central Station one afternoon on my way home from uni when a guy approached me and asked, sheepishly, if I was the actress who played Mr Bean's girlfriend. I didn't even know Mr Bean had a girlfriend and, before Google, how was one to easily find these things out?
A couple if year's later I was watching tv and one of the Irma Gobb episodes came on. There she was. Mr Bean's girlfriend. And you know what? I did look a lot like her!
Not flattering, but fair. Do you remember those doppelganger memes where everyone shares which famous person they look like and everyone looks like Reese Witherspoon or Liv Tyler or Esperanza Spalding? Not me, dear reader.



blackbird said…
That's the sweetest photo.

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