The Hardest Working Guard at MoMA

Take a bow, Sir. The crowd around Starry Night was huge and this fellow had to keep stepping in to make sure no-one got too close. There was zero chance he was going to be able to stand in the corner with is arms crossed and doze.

Yep, that's the crowd. And yet, other gems in this same room were resolutely unregarded.  I tried to give them equal time because I am weird like that. It was no great hardship looking at them.

MoMA on a Friday night is a people watching paradise. Art students, tourists, and lots of couples on dates. I wish I had carted my second lense halfway around the world so I could sneak a few more photos of the couples and groups there. They were all beautiful.


Lynn said…
It's a pleasure to see New York City through your eyes, Amelia. I have never been a fan, but you make it look almost appealing! But wow, those crowds.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip!

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