We knew that it would be cold when we planned to go to New York City in the winter but we were a little surprised by just how cold it was. They are having an unseasonably cold February and everyone we met commented on it. -16C anyone?
We spent most of our time indoors exploring the museums, art galleries and shops and didn't feel too limited by the weather. It was an adventure for us Sydneysiders to have snow falling and ice piled up on the footpaths and we only had to deal with it for a week. I feel for those of you who do this for months on end. My sister lived in Boston for 14 years and coped perfectly well - hats off to you Aunty B!
Most of the snow, ice and slush was greyish brown, grotty and smelled pretty ordinary but walking from the Columbus Circle subway station to The Frick across Central Park was amazing. The freshly fallen snow was white, fluffy and glittered like diamond dust in the sunshine. G built a snow bird on a shrub and danced around with delight singing 'do you want to build a snowman' with Aunty S.
The weather forecaster has described the sunshine as merely decorative and he wasn't wrong. It was very strange to see sunshine but not feel it. Very strange indeed.


Eleanor said…
Welcome back!!!!

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