My Darling

She sits high on a shelf and looks down over all the chaos and noise. She is kind of hard to see up there but every now and then I catch sight of her looking down on our crazy and I smile.
Figurines are not usually my thing (lladro must be spanish for creepy dustcatcher don't you think?) but this one was a present from my Nan and she was pretty special. The Great Nanna is what my kids called her, always including the definite article, and we still refer to her that way when we talk about her.
We talk about her quite a lot even though it has been almost 7 years since she passed away, She features in a lot of our family stories, we hear her in some of the things my mum says and we see her in lots of funny little ways. One of my sisters and I were laughing a few weeks ago about how much the littlest Duckling looks like The Great Nan when she walks, waddling around on her skinny little legs. And if, for some reason, I haven't thought about her for a while she is brought to mind every time I see this little figure up high on the shelf.


blackbird said…
I was just thinking, now that I've had the pleasure of meeting you, that she looks like you.

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