La Vie Moderne

Presumably everyone got their phones out when they entered the store because it was way too cold outside to take off their gloves to use them. Of course, it could also be the free wifi (which seems to be everywhere) and the amazing connectedness of New Yorkers. Everywhere we went people were looking at their phones (maybe I am being very old fashioned complaining about phone use at the table) or chatting to people through their earbud/mic sets. It was weird at first seeing all these people walking around talking to themselves. I quickly realised that most of them were having phone conversations. However, some people really were talking to themselves. Bless them. Being homeless or mentally ill over an NYC winter must be tough.


Michelle said…
Pretty much wifi is everywhere in every major city. And people more or less expect it. Even in my (very old) doctor's office where I work, people ask me if we have wifi.

and yes, most people in the US are constantly on their phones, doing something, other than what they're actually doing :(

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