The Good China

We decided a long time ago to just use the 'good' china rather than have it sitting in the cupboards. Sometimes things get broken (rather a lot of things have been broken over this summer, mostly drinking glasses) but I enjoy eating off nice plates for every meal and spooning sugar out of this beautiful dish for our lemon and sugar pancakes. My parents collected a pattern similar to this and many years ago I saw this and a few other pieces in the window of a local antique shop. It turns out Mr Duyvken and my father had also noticed it in the window. My father went in and bought half of what they had as a gift for my mother. Then, My Duyvken went in and bought the remaining pieces as a gift to me. It was quite funny when we realised that all three of us had noticed it without ever mentioning it to anyone else. A couple of years after that my parents gave me the pieces they had as a birthday present. So, now they all sit together on a shelf in my kitchen reminding me of two of my favourite men.
Life is too short to save things for special occasions.


blackbird said…
Very pretty, the good china, and an excellent idea to actually use it, IMO.

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