Learning my Limits

I bought a lamp. I saw it a few weeks ago and have been back a few times to have a closer look. It is wire wrapped around a metal frame and is beautiful. I was a little concerned that it might be too big but I am not very good at gauging that kind of thing. I even noted the measurements and still couldn't get a sense of what it would look like here in my house, sitting on the table in the hallway. I decided to buy it yesterday having convinced myself that it would fit. But, as you can see it is really too big, or maybe just the shade is too big. It is beautiful but it dwarfs the (not insubstantial) table on which it stands. Now I have to lug it back to the shop, explain my poor ability to retain volume, capacity and dimension, and throw myself at the feet of the refund and exchange gods.

See that piano stool under the blue picture, dear reader? I picked that up from the side of the road. Someone had put it out for council cleanup. Can you believe it? You can't see the piece of plastic holding the bottom bracket together, or the worn out thatched seat or the broken dowel in this photo but you can see the beauty of it. I was so delighted when I came across it. It needs a little work but, for now, it sits where I can see it and enjoy it and figure out a way to repair it without making it 'new'.


blackbird said…
I wouldn't touch the piano bench. And I have worse news for you: I don't think the lamp is too big.
I love it the way it is .
The cupboard really is a beautiful blue and it all 'fits ' together perfectly .
Duyvken said…
I kept the lamp. The lampshade was wider than the table and I was worried a well kicked ball would kbock it off. I got a shade that is a few cms narrower than the table and it looks much better.
Kris Butson said…
A beautiful piano stool - they are hard to find now. When mine reached the decrepit stage I searched for ages to find a replacement that wasn't a soulless high gloss modern monstrosity.
Oh, and I like the lamp too! xxx

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