Band of Gold

Blackbird asked about my wedding band when she saw it in the photo from Christmas day. I was very happy that she focused on the ring and not the calloused hands. Thank you BB. I love my ring and wear it always.
We were married on the 28th of August 1999. We got engaged at the end of summer and were married at the end of winter. We didn't take much time planning a lot of the details but I remember taking a while to pick our rings, flicking through magazines and peering into store windows. We eventually chose wide gold bands and had them engraved at a place in the Dymocks building. He is still there and still making beautiful things. John W Thompson. 'Gregory' wouldn't fit on my ring so we had 'Greg' engraved instead as well as the wedding date in roman numerals. Mr Duyvken's ring has Amelia on it and the wedding date. They have a few dings and knicks on them but they're in pretty good shape given that we've been wearing them for 15 years. A lot like us, I guess.
One day I would like to have a ring made for Mr Duyvken with all the children's names on it but I don't know if they'd fit.  Perhaps, the children's initials would fit, or a wider band and the names in two rows. What a beautiful problem to have.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Heart full.


blackbird said…
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
One of the great tragedies of our accident is that I was forced to remove my wedding ring just before they set the bones in my wrist. I had no idea that, weeks later, I'd be unable to wear those rings again - possibly forever.
And, so, I am browsing, slowly, for a new wedding ring to fit my damaged finger in place of the one I wore for 32 years. Yours is a lovely inspiration.

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