December 13th

It is always a good day to have an early dinner at the beach. Today it is 10 years since we lost my dad so it felt especially good to have the sea breeze blowing away the sads. We still miss him so much. I often feel unreasonably annoyed at tv producers who keep making shows that I know dad would have loved but never got to see and today I felt unreasonably happy to see Sweetie eating his fish and chips with a fork, just like dad would have. It seems that cutlery preference is a genetically inheritable trait. I wonder which strand of DNA it sits on?  I hope it is on the band near courtesy and joy in small things, near a twist supporting eyes that sparkle and a love of reading. If Sweetie carries those things forward I will be a very happy mama, and a very proud daughter. 

1943 - 2004. Forever in our hearts, our family stories and our sparkling eyes.


Greg Johnson said…
Made me cry my love... I miss him unreasonably given he was my father in law, but a man I was proud and honoured to call Dad.

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