Quilt Top Finished

I am very happy with how this looks. The fabric I bought for the backing is not quite wide enough so I will need to piece the back. I was hoping to avoid doing that. I have had to pack the sewing machine away because we are having friends over for dinner tonight and although it is not that hard to get it all set up again I am a bit hopeless. I am determined to get this finished for the littlest duckling and the kids are back at school this week so hopefully I won't lose momentum.

The grey spot is for the back and the pink texta stripe is for the binding. I went to my local fabric store to get the binding fabric and came away with a couple of other things as well. A well-known story to all the sewers and quilters out there. I don't know what I'll use that paper airplane fabric for yet but I love it.


Stomper Girl said…
Ooh, that origami paper is divine. Hope you don't lose the momentum to finish your quilt, it's looking good!
Julie said…
Love your colours and my goodness your blocks are al neat! It's typically lovely, can't wait to see the finished thing. Whenever I have to pack my machine and gear away so that we can actually use our dining room (relatively rare event ) it takes me weeks to get it all back out again.
It's just delightful.

And look at those airplanes, and the gold fish!
Kris Butson said…
The quilt is beautiful, and I'm a little bit in love with the paper airplane material. I know two monkeys that would LOVE it!

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