by Mary Cassatt.
Now that the house is mostly finished I have been thinking more and more about the garden. I've long had a general idea of how I want it to look and a sense of how I want it to feel to be in it but now I that I am picking plants and working out where beds, paths and stuff should be I am finding it challenging to translate 'the idea' into 'the design'. I am not in a hurry. Making our garden will take years but I know that a little time spent now on an overall design will pay off down the track. I've wandered around nurseries making myself dizzy tipping my head left right and upside down to read the plant information on the tags, walked through local neighbourhoods taking photos of unfamiliar but beautiful plants and checking out fences, and I've looked online and have found a few gems.
Almbacken is a swedish blog brimming with drool-worthy garden photos. If I woke up in a couple of years and my yard looked like this I would be a very happy woman.
Hedgerow is also a beautiful blog. She loves roses and although I am not planning on planting any myself I adore seeing hers and reading though her archives.
Our yard is a place for playing, catching sunshine, drying washing, eating, fixing bikes and, hopefully soon, for growing. I look forward to changing it from a yard into a garden.


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