Pinks and Blues

Mother's Day was wonderful. A day of heartfelt, handwritten notes, the house cleaned by my beautiful G (she knows how much I like things to be tidy), lots of handmade loveliness, a long bushwalk in the afternoon and then all the regular laundry and grocery shopping in preparation for the week ahead.
Much of my day to day life is quiet and peaceful and routine. There are babies to play with, rooms to clean, homework to be supervised, paper planes to fold, songs to sing (again and again and again), storybooks to be read (and reread and reread and reread), meals to prepare and bills to be paid. I know all these things would still need to be done if we had adventured and set up our family and home further away from our childhood homes but I often wonder how I would be different. I romanticise what it would be like and daydream about packing up all the babies and starting afresh somewhere new where we are free from the responsibilities of extended family and all the streets are unfamiliar. I am very grateful for books, art and movies that encourage me to (vicariously) travel broadly and to think deeply. I read a lot and it is much more than just recreational. It is sustenance - I must breathe and drink and love and READ. It keeps my internal life humming along in tune with the day to day. It helps to quiet my mid-life restlessness.
And restlessness is all it is, dear reader. I am far from dissatisfied. I look at those photos above and know that I am surrounded by love. Although they bring a lot of responsibility and require a lot of work I am very happy with my big family and my little life.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Heart full.


blackbird said…
What a lovely post.


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