Little Miss Comb-over is nearly 6 months old.
She has started to tuck, crunch and roll - adorable.
She chatters and squeals - adorable.
She giggles at all her older brothers' and sisters' escapades - also adorable,
and despite frequent requests to 'stop growing' she insists on getting bigger - less adorable but we'll survive.
We'll be having our traditional half-birthday celebration on Sunday. Should we do cupcakes or a doughnut stack?
I still haven't finished her quilt but a few late nights should do it. If I can stay awake past 10 she might even have it for her 6mth celebrations this weekend. Now that she's rolling she needs something bigger than that pink blanket.


Stomper Girl said…
I always loved how pleased babies are when they roll over. And she's totally adorable.
Mary said…
It is well and truly time I visited and kissed her cheeks and yours.
Julie said…
Six months already? Wow. She is gorgeous.

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