Looking Down

Thursday, October 10, 2013

She is adored intensely this sweet girl of ours. It is a pity that we can't remember being cradled and sung to and gazed at with such love. I like to think that even though the memory centre of our brain is not developed enough yet in infancy to retain experiences like these, the visceral response stays with us and allows us to fully immerse ourselves in being the ones who cradle, gaze and sing when we are old enough. She is soaking up the love we are pouring over her at the moment. I don't know if we'll do it right but we promise to do our best.


Mary :

I have no doubt you will do it right - dear sweet Poppy.

Jen :

As someone who has adopted babies who have not had this experience in early infancy, trust me -- they remember it, and they mourn when they have not had it.

Anonymous :

That 3rd photo just slays me. I so admire your ability to look past all the hard work and enjoy having a baby (then child). I used to worry so much that I would never feel 'done' but number 4 definitely convinced me I was done, although a pair of newborn booties in a shop today nearly made my ovaries explode and made my 9 month old seem so big. Congratulations on your beautiful family. Rebecca

Julie :

Oh that fluffy newborn hair.....
Love all your babies with your newest baby, and their expressions.

blackbird :

You have a beautiful family.

kim at allconsuming :

I can FEEL the love just looking at the photos. She is adored and what a wonderful thing that is.

Corrie :

oh wow how did I miss all of these beautiful photos. What a little doll and beautiful family

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