Back to Ploughing

Monday, September 30, 2013


She's here! She's here! Our wonderful daughter born on September 23rd just a little after 10pm after a fantastic labour (if such a thing can be said of labour). We cocooned ourselves together, her and I, in the hospital for 4 nights before coming home to the welcoming arms of all the duyvkens.
She weighed 3.16kgs at birth and was lovely and squooshy with wrinkly hands. She's still lovely, of course, but even after just one week she has lost some of that newborn wrinkliness.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Heart (very) full.
Why 'Back to Ploughing'? In Pearl S. Buck's The Good Earth the main character's wife, Olan, delivers all her children on her own in their little house and then gets straight back to the fields.I figured that if Olan could do that then I (despite feeling a little nervous in the early stages of labour) would be fine delivering my baby with the support of Mr Duyvken, lovely midwives, the ob who has delivered all the duyvkens and great medical facilities right there just in case anything went awry. And, even though I didn't get right back to ploughing I kind of felt like I could. Our bodies are amazing.


Lynn :

Such unbelievably gorgeous photos, especially that last one. I am bursting with delight for you and all Duyvkens. And I'm so happy that your birthing experience was so empowering. But lay off the plowing for just a bit longer, okay?


Frogdancer :

Isn't it funny? I haven't read 'The Good Earth' since I was a teenager. But the title of your blog post and the first photo of Poppy and bang! I knew what you were talking about.
Congratulations. Poppy is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.
(And if you're REALLY set on ploughing, use a chook tractor like I've got. Far easier!)

Julie :

What a delight this morning to meet your little girl. I love the name and when I opened the screen, my girls, by chance, were looking and you should have heard the 'oohs' and 'ahhs' and 'so adorables'. Congratulations.

Eleanor :

Ohmygosh she looks EXACTLY PERFECT FOR THE NAME POPPY!!!!!!!!!


blackbird :

Don't you have the most beautiful babies!
She is wonderful and it made me very happy to see her!

Lots of love from over here!

kim at allconsuming :

She is just divine. I have a bundle of goodies for you - I shall endeavour to deliver them later this week, dodgy back permitting. I can't believe she's really here!

Jen :

Toes! Toes!

A Wren :

She is as beautiful as a rose. Perhaps more beautiful. Sweet Poppy!

Suse :

So so beautiful.


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