I have found proof that this year is defeating me. This is a calendar I bought for myself just before Christmas and a pad of weekly planner sheets. Both were ridiculously over-priced but, in a moment of weakness, I succumbed to the beautiful merchandising in the Kikki-k shop. They are both still in their plastic wrapping. What was I thinking?

Nor have I finished any of the small quilt projects I hoping to enjoy this year. You win, 2013. Is it really August already?
I am trying not to think about that and focus instead on some of my favourite small things that I have been sorting and washing in preparation for the new baby, planning some small celebrations for the duyvkens who have birthdays coming up,

and looking forward to celebrating my sister-in-law's wedding in October when I will have a new baby in my arms, the renovations should be finished and I might be able to find some time to sew. 


Aunty S said…
I bought that exact weekly planner! I think I only used one sheet.
Julie said…
The wonderful thing about being pregnant is that you are doing something even when you are doing nothing. And you are hardly doing nothing, with FIVE children already! Quilting shmilting. My work world runs on the financial year and one month in the year has already got away from me.

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