Tanglewood's Seagull

This year Book Week is being celebrated a little early at the kid's school. They were invited to bring a costume today from one of the three Book Week books they have been reading and using in their learning this term; The Coat by Julie Hunt, Tanglewood by Margaret Wild and The Terrible Suitcase by Emma Allen.

C happily went off to school with a box covered in red wrapping paper and with cardboard handles, JW took one of my jackets with a big red flower on the lapel  and the certainty that she can fly, and J really wanted to be a seagull. His took a little more doing but I am very pleased with the result. 1 packet of white paper napkins, some fabric, orange paper, a cap and some time yesterday afternoon and we pulled this together.


blackbird said…
I appreciate all that work as I made Oldest a very similar eagle when he was six.
Anonymous said…
that is great,what a lot of work .....

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