I should be nesting...

...but there are piles of stuff in the centre of every room so that we can paint the walls and it's a little distracting. I am 35 weeks pregnant and the countdown is definitely on. There is still quite a lot of work to do here at home. We were feeling pretty good last week when we realised that in 3 or 4 weeks time we should all be settled into our new bedrooms but when I realised that in 5 weeks time we'll have a new baby I started to panic. Poor Mr Duyvken had quite a weekend putting up with my frustration about all the mess and disorder, and my irritation at our constantly moving deadlines, all whilst still getting stuff done. (He's a marvel). I know that it will all work out in the end but it is hard to see that the road ahead is short when it is littered with obstacles that I am too bloody pregnant to climb over. Writing a list of all the things that still need to be done made me feel worse but ticking a couple of things off that list on Monday made me feel a little better. What I really need is the perspective that can only be granted by a good night's sleep. My mylanta and magnesium pre-bed mocktail just isn't cutting it. Please drop, little one, so that the mama you meet is not the current frazzled and exhausted one but the one who has had a few nights of unbroken sleep and is ready for a few months of mid-night and early-morning feed dates with you.
And apologies, dear reader, for the whine.


Mary said…
I would be swearing. Alot. I think YOU are the marvel. xxx

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