For Baby

Little One has some lovely things waiting for her when she arrives. Those gorgeous slippers at the top are from Nell at DesignedForDelilah and they are so tiny it is hard to believe a foot will fit in there. But it will and I can't wait to kiss it!
The little swaddler and hat were knitted by Mr Duyvken's mum. They are truly beautiful and if this little girl likes being swaddled as much as the other 5 this is sure to get a lot of use in those first couple of months.


Julie said…
'the other 5' - I like how you just throw this line away. Six kids, that is some achievement. Is that a moss stitch that your mother-in-law knitted? Great effort if it is, I have knit one thing in moss stitch - a cardy for my eldest as a newborn. Never again......

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