Baby Name of the Week - Lila

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

This week's name is Lila. Derived from arabic and persian words meaning dark-haired. The Layla/Leila/Lyla variations came to be used in the english speaking world after being used in Lord Byron's poem The Giaour. We would pronounce it with a long -i sound, as in:
'If I had to dispose of a body I would use lye.'
Meaning: dark-haired
Shortens to: ?


norma :

shortened to Lil maybe .....

Michelle C :

I like Lila. Especially with the long I. Not as classic as Leah though.

blackbird :

I just can't TAKE IT anymore.
You are hurting my ovaries.

Jen :

I'd like to buy a consonant...

You've shown me I have more naming issues than I realized. I need at least one hard consonant per name.

Julie :

I really like this name. It will be a name that she will always have to spell out and correct the pronunciation of but then I'm guessing with a last name like Duyvken your children would be pretty au fait with that.

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