When People Know You Well

This may be the best card I have ever received... from the lovely family I babysat for as a teenager.

So, in the spirit if being grateful (and not thingy) I want to send a little blog note to Jen who sent me a beautiful cardigan for the new baby. It has the most beautiful soft blue ruffles and is exquisitely well knit. She knows what she's doing that Jen.

She also sent me a wonderful card, from one mother of six to a soon-to-be mother of six. It is The Two Fridas (1939) and was painted at the time of Frida Kahlo's divorce from Diego Rivera and shows both the Frida who was rejected (with her chest and heart ripped open) and the Frida who was loved (with her heart still whole). Or, at least, that's what a google search tells me.
To me it also shows the risks and rewards of parenting. You take a step into the darkness when you have a child, expecting joy but not really knowing what you will find. It is true that there is a lot of joy but there are threads in the weft of fear, concern and uncertainty that can't be unwoven. Sometimes it is almost too much but as I look at this card I am reminded that parents are never alone. Even when you are weary and worried there will be someone there to hold your hand and help you through. You just need to remember to reach out or reach within.


Jen said…
Aw! I knew you'd get that the card wasn't idly chosen. Very well put. And poor Frida -- a child was the one thing she desperately wanted and never got.
Julie said…
Had to say that little cardigan is so sweet.

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