Giveaway! Destash for Me, Stash Builder for You.


It was noted (not unjustifiably) during all the moving stuff around that we've been doing lately that for someone who doesn't sew very much I have a lot of fabric. It is true. It can seen as proof that I am a very optimistic person. I am always certain that I will be able to carve out a little time here and there to do some stitching but, truthfully, for the past couple of years that hasn't happened very often. I'm also hesitant to throw out scraps from old projects since I see so many great scrap projects online and in quilt groups. Consequently, I have lots of lovely little bits and pieces cluttering things up. So, I thought I would host a little giveaway to help clear things out around here so that we fit the space we've got rather than constantly trying to make the space fit us.
Leave me a comment (making sure that I can contact you via email) and the first 10 will get something special in the post. There are some scrap bundles, some larger fabric stacks, some pre-cuts and ribbons. Happy sewing dear reader!

I've whittled it down to this cupboard with a few larger pieces of fabric (for quilt backs) and quilt batting stored up in the top shelf of the hall cupboard. There is still plenty of fabric there, I'm a lucky girl, but I feel much better about it.

So many possibilities!


Always can use more fabric. I love the colors of rainbow.
Anonymous said…
awww! lovely thankyou
Julie said…
oh my goodness me, the last thing I need is to build more stash, but I never can resist (says she who couldn't resist the 25% off at the local quilt shop....). And those fabrics look lovely. What a great idea. I do occasional clean outs of all my scraps to the school afterhours care and art room. These are the small bits and pieces that better/more patient sewers than me would turn into amazing postage stamp quilts or something,
Nancy said…
I had never thought of a large stash as optimistic. What a great thought! You are so very generous to give away some of your fabric. I like the way you've bundled and tied the stacks in your blue basket. It looks lovely.
Nancy said…
Your luscious fabrics arrived this week. Thank you so much. I didn't realize you were sending them from Australia. It seems a shame that you have to pay so much to empty your closet! I will enjoy them even more.

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