Baby Name of the Week - Skyler

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

JW - 8wks
Thanks once again, for the feedback last week, dear reader. I love reading what the names mean to you and I've had some lovely email exchanges with you too.
I promise, at some point, to return to posting regular things. Perhaps, I'll even have a chance to sew something to share with you one of these days. Just now, however, we duyvkens are enjoying the school holidays, working around our continuing but close to being completed renos, and trying to get enough sleep to ease this weary pregnancy body of mine  so baby names seem to be all I have for you.
This week's name is one of Mr Duyvken's suggestions - Skyler/Skylar.
An american name with a nod to Mr Duyven's dutch heritage as the name derives from the surname Schuyler. There is also a character named Skylar in one of his favourite movies, Good Will Hunting.
Meaning: scholar.
Shortens to: Sky but I prefer it just as Skyler..


Michelle C :

Skyler is a no for me. It doesn't seem to fit with your other names which are more classic.

In the US, Skyler is one of those trendy, almost made up sort of names. Skyler is more a boys name here, Skylar for a girl. Skylar would come from Texas, live in a mobile home, and have 5 children by 5 different fathers by the time she was 20 and would be doomed to a life of stripping or working at hooters.

It's also a popular dogs name. ;)

Duyvken :

LOL, Michelle. That's so funny!

Michelle C :

But whatever you pick will be the right name for her, so even if it was Skyler, I'd still love it. :)

Lynn :

Haha, Michelle!

Little Lad has a friend named Skylar. She is absolutely her own person, no shrinking violet, and has a huge singing voice (and the confidence to use it publicly). That's all I got...

Lynn :

P.S. The horrible made-up name trend where I live is to take "aden" and put a random consonant in front of it. So we have lots of Braden, Hayden, Paden, Jaden, Kadyn. And then my husband recently did a funeral for the mother of a little boy named Jaymen...

Lynn :

(Not to make light of funerals, but we had to wonder why the poor child had to be plural.)

Julie :

It is dangerous when you ask for opinions on names - you'll get opinons. I agree with Michelle C on this one. I am not a huge fan, and tend to shy away from the 'made up names' and the 'surname as first name' trend. A few years back there were a plethora of Kennedys and Harrisons and Carsons. I'm not a big fan of American states as names eithers - Dakota, Kansas, Kentucky....
But I do like the idea of bringing the Dutch heritage in. Anyway, as you know, whatever their name, they just become it once they are named and you cannot imagine them as anything else.

Lynn :

I thought of you this morning after I read an email from my mother announcing that my boys' names were now #1 and #3 on some baby name popularity list. Names that I was pleased were so rare -- heh. But I can't imagine them being called anything else...

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