Baby Name of the Week - Middle Names

We often pick family names for the little duyvken's middle names. For example G, J and Sweetie have the middle names Anne, Peter and Robert after their grandparents, but we don't always use family names. JW's middle name is Willa which was a strong contender for a first name for a while and C's middle name is Rose. She feels extra special because G picked her middle name. We knew that G liked the names Rose and Emily so when C was born and she met her big sister for the first time we told G that her new sister's name was C but that we would like her to pick a middle name. G had just turned 6 and thought very seriously for a minute or so before declaring that C's middle name would be Rose. I can recall so vividly her sitting in the dim light of the hospital room, holding her new sister, tilting her head slightly and sitting in her 'thinking pose' for a while. It's a very warm and special memory for me. Rose suits C beautifully and is a lovely little link between our first and second daughters.
These are the names we are thinking of using as a middle name for our newest little girl:
Elizabeth, Clementine, Emily, Mariette, Philomena, Frances, Eve and Joy.
A mix of family names and names we love.


Jen said…
If the first name ends with a vowel, I wouldn't pick a middle name that begins with one. Leah Eve just craves a hard consonant. Leah Elizabeth runs together. Leah Philomena is my vote, assuming we're... er... you are still going with Leah.
Michelle C said…
It's hard without a first name, but if you go with Leah, I think Leah Philomena sounds too sing-songy, almost like a character in a children's book who gets into too much mischief. ;) But, I like Frances and Joy as well with Leah.
Anonymous said…
Clementine and Mariette are lovely,maybe Leah Mariette but not Leah Clementine
blackbird said…
I am shouting over here!




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