Baby Name of the Week - Leah

Our beautiful J on the left and one of my favourite photos on the right. I should add the subtitle 'Take that secondary non-specific sub-fertility'. Huzzah!
This week's name is Leah.
A name that sounds both feminine and strong to me and fits in both with the frenchy names that we've got and the biblical ones.
Meaning: weary. That's not great but my name means studious and people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Plus, it's a fair representation of how I am feeling these days.
Shortens to: ?


Eleanor said…
A personal favourite of mine. Special name. Extremely interesting character in the Bible. Many Orthodox Jews will have it as a middle name and the girl is called by both names eg "Sara Leah", "Rivka Leah" and my local Rabbi's daughter "Sima Leah". The Rebbetzin still laughs at how she was walking down Coogee Bay Road with the baby and a passerby admired the baby and asked her name. After a polite pause the stranger responded "Oh, just like Himalaya!" Thought you'd get a laugh out of that xxxx
Michelle C said…
Love it. I think my favorite so far. It fits with all the other names too.
Also, depending on the bible translation some say "her eyes were tender" not weary.

PS, Leah also reminds me of "The Red Tent" which was a novel about Dinah, and more importantly, it was the name of our 'crab' board back in the day.
Julie said…
I agree with the others, this name is a winner. And that photo is priceless. Oh those little newborn fingers....

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