Baby Name of the Week - Imogen

C - 1 week old
Thanks for your input last week, dear reader. I like Calliope even more now that I now it is sometimes shortened to Poppy but I like it a little less now that I know it makes some people think of Grey's Anatomy. I never watched that show but I know how popular it was so I wonder how many people would make that connection? Mr Duyvken pulls his 'that's an interesting name, let me think quietly about it for a few minutes' face when I suggest this one so I don't think it will make the cut but you never know!
This week's name is Imogen.
A name created by Shakespeare for the daughter of the king in his play Cymbeline in the early 1600's.We have a few other shakespearean names in the family so it would fit in quite well
Meaning: daughter, feminine, last one (how appropriate for us).
Shortens to: Mimi.
FYI, I don't recommend searching Imogen in Google images. Although, if busty ladies are your thing maybe I should be recommending it. 


Lynn said…
Tragically, it reminds me of the old-time comedienne Imogene Coca (, but chances are nobody else would make the association!

Happy choosing!
Julie said…
I like Imogen. I have a neice, called Mimi which I think is lovely, but with Imogen they have the option of a more 'grown up' sounding name if they want it. Friends with an Imogen shorten it to Immi which I don't like so much.
Having a name that is in a popular show can be a draw back - people make the association, or think you've been inspired by that name. We have a Nina who is 8 and pre-dates 'Offspring' but I notice there are lots of baby Ninas cropping up now. (Not that we were ever trying for unusual - our other 3 names are all routinely in the top 10 most popular so we obviously have very unadventurous tastes)
Michelle C said…
why do I feel like that's been on the list before? I like it though, and while it's a grownup name I love it shortened to Mimi or Immi for now.

I also think of Imogene Coco, but I'm not even sure you're pronounce Imogen the same. I would pronounce mine as "ih-mo-geen", and yours as "em-o-jen".

It's certainly hard when we're across the world weighing in. Names sometimes seem very different and give very different connotations based on personalities that we might know here vs there.

Eleanor said…

But I'd love any name you came up with... a Duyvken by any other name would smell as sweet (as they say).

Would you just look at baby C. How is it possible that a week-old infant can already have her character THERE?!!!
Suse said…
Lovely lovely lovely.
Anonymous said…
Actually my love, I pull the face that says, "when I back packed NZ at twenty years old I had a thing for an Irish lass named Imogen who I completely failed to get it on with!"

Love you,
Mr Duyvken
Iona said…
This is great!

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