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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

C - 1 week old
Thanks for your input last week, dear reader. I like Calliope even more now that I now it is sometimes shortened to Poppy but I like it a little less now that I know it makes some people think of Grey's Anatomy. I never watched that show but I know how popular it was so I wonder how many people would make that connection? Mr Duyvken pulls his 'that's an interesting name, let me think quietly about it for a few minutes' face when I suggest this one so I don't think it will make the cut but you never know!
This week's name is Imogen.
A name created by Shakespeare for the daughter of the king in his play Cymbeline in the early 1600's.We have a few other shakespearean names in the family so it would fit in quite well
Meaning: daughter, feminine, last one (how appropriate for us).
Shortens to: Mimi.
FYI, I don't recommend searching Imogen in Google images. Although, if busty ladies are your thing maybe I should be recommending it. 


blackbird :

I like it!

Lynn :

Tragically, it reminds me of the old-time comedienne Imogene Coca (, but chances are nobody else would make the association!

Happy choosing!

Julie :

I like Imogen. I have a neice, called Mimi which I think is lovely, but with Imogen they have the option of a more 'grown up' sounding name if they want it. Friends with an Imogen shorten it to Immi which I don't like so much.
Having a name that is in a popular show can be a draw back - people make the association, or think you've been inspired by that name. We have a Nina who is 8 and pre-dates 'Offspring' but I notice there are lots of baby Ninas cropping up now. (Not that we were ever trying for unusual - our other 3 names are all routinely in the top 10 most popular so we obviously have very unadventurous tastes)

Michelle C :

why do I feel like that's been on the list before? I like it though, and while it's a grownup name I love it shortened to Mimi or Immi for now.

I also think of Imogene Coco, but I'm not even sure you're pronounce Imogen the same. I would pronounce mine as "ih-mo-geen", and yours as "em-o-jen".

It's certainly hard when we're across the world weighing in. Names sometimes seem very different and give very different connotations based on personalities that we might know here vs there.

Eleanor :


But I'd love any name you came up with... a Duyvken by any other name would smell as sweet (as they say).

Would you just look at baby C. How is it possible that a week-old infant can already have her character THERE?!!!

Suse :

Lovely lovely lovely.

Anonymous :

Actually my love, I pull the face that says, "when I back packed NZ at twenty years old I had a thing for an Irish lass named Imogen who I completely failed to get it on with!"

Love you,
Mr Duyvken

Iona :

This is great!

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