Baby Name of the Week - Middle Names

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We often pick family names for the little duyvken's middle names. For example G, J and Sweetie have the middle names Anne, Peter and Robert after their grandparents, but we don't always use family names. JW's middle name is Willa which was a strong contender for a first name for a while and C's middle name is Rose. She feels extra special because G picked her middle name. We knew that G liked the names Rose and Emily so when C was born and she met her big sister for the first time we told G that her new sister's name was C but that we would like her to pick a middle name. G had just turned 6 and thought very seriously for a minute or so before declaring that C's middle name would be Rose. I can recall so vividly her sitting in the dim light of the hospital room, holding her new sister, tilting her head slightly and sitting in her 'thinking pose' for a while. It's a very warm and special memory for me. Rose suits C beautifully and is a lovely little link between our first and second daughters.
These are the names we are thinking of using as a middle name for our newest little girl:
Elizabeth, Clementine, Emily, Mariette, Philomena, Frances, Eve and Joy.
A mix of family names and names we love.

On Repeat

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Using this tool found on blackbird's blog I made this.
I say this all the time. The children are positively hopeless at sticking closely together when we move through the shops or through a crowd. Maybe one day it will sink in?


Thursday, July 25, 2013

A very quick and satisfying project for the new baby. 
PS Don't forget to comment on the giveaway post and Quilting Tangent, can you comment again with your email address so that I can get in touch with you to arrange to post you a fabric stack? 

Baby Name of the Week - Leah

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our beautiful J on the left and one of my favourite photos on the right. I should add the subtitle 'Take that secondary non-specific sub-fertility'. Huzzah!
This week's name is Leah.
A name that sounds both feminine and strong to me and fits in both with the frenchy names that we've got and the biblical ones.
Meaning: weary. That's not great but my name means studious and people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Plus, it's a fair representation of how I am feeling these days.
Shortens to: ?

Giveaway! Destash for Me, Stash Builder for You.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


It was noted (not unjustifiably) during all the moving stuff around that we've been doing lately that for someone who doesn't sew very much I have a lot of fabric. It is true. It can seen as proof that I am a very optimistic person. I am always certain that I will be able to carve out a little time here and there to do some stitching but, truthfully, for the past couple of years that hasn't happened very often. I'm also hesitant to throw out scraps from old projects since I see so many great scrap projects online and in quilt groups. Consequently, I have lots of lovely little bits and pieces cluttering things up. So, I thought I would host a little giveaway to help clear things out around here so that we fit the space we've got rather than constantly trying to make the space fit us.
Leave me a comment (making sure that I can contact you via email) and the first 10 will get something special in the post. There are some scrap bundles, some larger fabric stacks, some pre-cuts and ribbons. Happy sewing dear reader!

I've whittled it down to this cupboard with a few larger pieces of fabric (for quilt backs) and quilt batting stored up in the top shelf of the hall cupboard. There is still plenty of fabric there, I'm a lucky girl, but I feel much better about it.

So many possibilities!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Some photos for Mr Duyvken who is away this week but is very keen to see how the renderer has been getting on. With apologies to those who are still hoping for a craft-related post. One of these days... I promise.

Baby Name of the Week - Thea

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A blurry photo of a photo - Me and G, Christmas Eve 2000. She was 3 1/2 months old, buddha-like and beautiful. 
This week's name is Thea. This is my current favourite.
Meaning: goddess or gift from God, and this little one certainly feels like a little piece of wonder from the universe.
Shortens to: ?


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

As I tucked Sweetie in toight I leaned in close and whispered 'I love you with all my heart' as I always do. He looked at me and said 'what you say, mama?' so I leaned in closely again and whispered 'I love you with all my heart', he smiled a little and said again, 'what you say, mama?' so, for the third time I leaned in, brushed my cheek against his and whispered, 'I love you with all my heart'. As I drew back from him I saw that his eyes were lightly closed and he was letting my words pour over him. He was the very picture of bliss. He stayed that way for 2 or 3 seconds and then opened his eyes to smile at me again. I knew that he'd end up chatting to his sisters and keeping everyone awake for at least an hour (bedtime is a much more extended ritual at the moment than I think is ideal) but that moment reminded me of two things;
1. Enjoy the present. As one of my favourite quotes says 'wherever you are, be all there'. And,
2. Words are powerful and should be used well.
Both are very good reminders for me at the moment.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Heart full.


Friday, July 12, 2013

Winter brings:
1. New floors.

 Are you sure you want to go to the bathroom?

2. Late nights.

3. Happiness.

'It was never a comedy for me'

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I don't know if I will manage to embed this properly but I would love it if you would take the time to watch this brief interview with Dustin Hoffman about the Tootsie film project and the insight it gave him into living as a woman. It is wonderful.
To the interesting women (and men) everywhere! With an extra tip of the hat to those who recognise that their gender identity is inconsistent with their gender of birth and take the big step of transitioning like Lieutenant Cate McGregor, whose interview on One to One the other night was inspiring, and Chloe who runs a great nursery here in northern Sydney.

When People Know You Well

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This may be the best card I have ever received... from the lovely family I babysat for as a teenager.

So, in the spirit if being grateful (and not thingy) I want to send a little blog note to Jen who sent me a beautiful cardigan for the new baby. It has the most beautiful soft blue ruffles and is exquisitely well knit. She knows what she's doing that Jen.

She also sent me a wonderful card, from one mother of six to a soon-to-be mother of six. It is The Two Fridas (1939) and was painted at the time of Frida Kahlo's divorce from Diego Rivera and shows both the Frida who was rejected (with her chest and heart ripped open) and the Frida who was loved (with her heart still whole). Or, at least, that's what a google search tells me.
To me it also shows the risks and rewards of parenting. You take a step into the darkness when you have a child, expecting joy but not really knowing what you will find. It is true that there is a lot of joy but there are threads in the weft of fear, concern and uncertainty that can't be unwoven. Sometimes it is almost too much but as I look at this card I am reminded that parents are never alone. Even when you are weary and worried there will be someone there to hold your hand and help you through. You just need to remember to reach out or reach within.

Baby Name of the Week - Skyler

JW - 8wks
Thanks once again, for the feedback last week, dear reader. I love reading what the names mean to you and I've had some lovely email exchanges with you too.
I promise, at some point, to return to posting regular things. Perhaps, I'll even have a chance to sew something to share with you one of these days. Just now, however, we duyvkens are enjoying the school holidays, working around our continuing but close to being completed renos, and trying to get enough sleep to ease this weary pregnancy body of mine  so baby names seem to be all I have for you.
This week's name is one of Mr Duyvken's suggestions - Skyler/Skylar.
An american name with a nod to Mr Duyven's dutch heritage as the name derives from the surname Schuyler. There is also a character named Skylar in one of his favourite movies, Good Will Hunting.
Meaning: scholar.
Shortens to: Sky but I prefer it just as Skyler..

Baby Name of the Week - Imogen

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

C - 1 week old
Thanks for your input last week, dear reader. I like Calliope even more now that I now it is sometimes shortened to Poppy but I like it a little less now that I know it makes some people think of Grey's Anatomy. I never watched that show but I know how popular it was so I wonder how many people would make that connection? Mr Duyvken pulls his 'that's an interesting name, let me think quietly about it for a few minutes' face when I suggest this one so I don't think it will make the cut but you never know!
This week's name is Imogen.
A name created by Shakespeare for the daughter of the king in his play Cymbeline in the early 1600's.We have a few other shakespearean names in the family so it would fit in quite well
Meaning: daughter, feminine, last one (how appropriate for us).
Shortens to: Mimi.
FYI, I don't recommend searching Imogen in Google images. Although, if busty ladies are your thing maybe I should be recommending it. 

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