The Belle of the Ball in Ballet Pink

One of Mr Duyvken's younger sisters is getting married in October. We haven't been to a family wedding for quite a while. Mr Duyvken's oldest sister was married in 1999 just 3 months after our wedding, my younger sister was married in 2005 when J was only 4 months old and G was a flower girl, and then Mr Duyvken's brother was married 3 years ago in Northern Ireland and we could only afford for Mr Duyvken to go. G and I stayed up late to watch the ceremony over the internet wearing our pjs and robes. It was very glamorous. So, having this opportunity to dress up and celebrate feels pretty special. I will have had a baby just 2-3 weeks prior so heaven only knows what I'll be able to wear but I am enjoying shopping for the kids. 
I found these 2 beautiful dresses online ( and they are just beautiful. The girls love them and I think it will be hard to keep them in the wardrobe until the wedding.
Now, I just need to find G and the lads something to wear. G is very excited about shopping for a dress. I just hope we can find something that we can both agree on.


The Coffee Lady said…
Thank goodness for that. I thought you'd MADE them.
Mary said…
oh my word they are magnificent

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