A New Duyvken

It won't surprise you, dear reader, to learn that my Mr Duyvken and I are very fond of children. We love them squishy and new when they have to use their whole forehead to open their eyes; we love them when they are toddling; we love them when they are little kids with home readers and big laughs; we love them when they graduate to big kidness with big kid friendship dramas and a growing sense of who they are; and I am pretty certain we'll love the teenage stage we are just getting to with G. It has it's own beauty in amongst all that kik/instagram/mobile phone negotating. We really enjoy the raucous family that we've created and the chaos and love that surrounds us. We feel very intensely the passing of time and know that so much that is truly good in life is swiftly fleeting. I think, in a weird way, we even enjoy the hard work that is required to keep things afloat around here.
So, in the spirit of 'do what you love', 'hard work reaps rewards', 'life is short', and 'kids are awesome' we have decided to welcome one more baby into our family. The newest little duyvken is due in September which makes me about 26 weeks pregnant. Third trimester here we come!


Mary said…
You know just how happy this news made me - and makes me all over again reading this.

blackbird said…



(ha! Labour is my wv)
Frogdancer said…
Congratulations! You're a brave woman... four boys in five years was my limit!!!
And as regards the teenage years... they're the BEST! Seriously.
Jen said…
Hurray! Ore the singlets a hint as to gender?
Julie said…
Oh My Goodness! What wonderful news, congratulations. A September baby will be so lovely, I am looking forward to vicariously enojying aour newborn.
The Coffee Lady said…
Oh my lord! Congratulations. You are a marvel, and I mean that in an awestruck and beautiful kind of way.

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