Sunshine after Rain

Yesterday was a season turner. The rain was torrential and very cold. Hour after hour it poured from the dark sky beating all the warmth out of the air and leaving a chill behind. Today is sunny again but the warmth has not returned. Autumn has arrived.

The afternoon light streams in our bedroom window inviting me to lie down and to take a little nap but there are no naps for me at the moment. Mr Duyvken is away on a work trip and it is going well but I am missing that extra pair of hands on the weekend and having him here in the evenings. One week down, one week to go.
Next Sunday afternoon that beautiful light is all mine.


blackbird said…
Our spring-time is tryingtryingtrying to break through the cold.
37 last night!
But 53 today.

I don't like summer and am always envious as you turn to autumn.

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