Rock Pockets

I finally finished the picnic quilt I've been working on. It is a very simple squares quilt, tied with embroidery thread and bound in brown gingham.

I couldn't resist the brown gingham. It took me right back to childhood when I saw it in my local quilt shop. I am sure I remember doing a simple cross stitch on a placemat sized piece of gingham that was exactly this shade of greyish brown sometime in the late '70s. It spoke to me in that wordless whispery way that fabric and books and babies sometimes do and I just had to have it. I really don't know what came over me, dear reader, but I bought several yards of it so you can expect to see it featuring here and there in future projects.

The quilt has a little fabric pocket at each corner that can be filled with stones or sand to help keep it weighted against any breezes that might pick up while we're picnicking. It has been dragged around the yard a lot this week so I'd say it's a success.

There is a tutorial here that does the rock pockets the same way I did.


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