Welcome to the hallway. The grey wall up there in the middle of the picture is the new wall that I showed you yesterday. Mr Duyvken ripped out the cupboards along this wall and spent the Easter weekend replacing and repairing the ceiling, putting in an attic access ladder (although calling our roof space an attic is a bit of stretch as there is not enough room to stand up in there) and pulling out cornices. He's going to lay all new flooring in here too. I'm not sure how we'll manage that but he is confident that he can pull out the old floorboards and get the new ones laid without us needing to move out. That will be an interesting weekend, I'll let you know how we get along. He's a marvel so I am sure it can be done.


blackbird said…
This angle of Mr. Duyvken is most intriguing.
I'm afraid I have a question: is Mr. Duyvken renovating as his present employment?
(For those who think this an odd question, K seriously considered not working and paying himself to do the reno on our home with the budget we had to pay a contractor. Thankfully (for us) we did not proceed that way, but we could have. K, as I am sure everyone knows from my constant lamenting, works on a freelance basis.)

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