Blackbird wanted a tour of the house which is understandable given the Jekyll and Hyde nature of the photos I've been sharing. Some days you get lush, green, finished looking scenes and other days the photos look more like a building site. The truth is that both are absolutely accurate portrayals of our house. We are nearly at the end of the renovation road but there is a still a lot of mess and dust and rubble to deal with before we are done so you'll forgive me if I tend to focus the camera lense on the prettier bits.
So, Blackbird, here's the first photo - Mr Duyvken putting up a wall to divide the original living/dining space at the front of the house into a living room and entry. The lovely new front doors are on the left of the photo and the sparks are flying because he is grinding the door frame for the sliding doors he's putting in. You will note that no dust sheets or protective eye wear were required. Mr Duyvken needs only steel-capped boots and a you tube tutorial to guide his hand. 


blackbird said…
Were he wearing a tool-belt I'd be on a plane.

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