On the floor

We're hosting Mr Duyvken's sister's engagement party here in a couple of weeks. The house doesn't look so appealing from the front but if we can whisk everyone quickly through to the back everything will be fine.
In preparation for this I should be tidying up the front yard,
Pride of the neighbourhood. 
painting the new front doors, finishing the painting of the back fence or figuring out how to stop the dust from swirling up through that big gap and resting on everything in the house.

Instead I am making picnic quilts and bunting and outdoor cushions. I'm doing laundry and browsing garden design sites while the radio is on and Sweetie is sleeping. These simple square quilts come together so quickly, I think I'll have a couple of tops finished today and they will be ready for sandwiching and simple quilting next week.

It's not as productive but infinitely more fun.


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