Blogging sisters

Dear Eleanor is slowly and quietly returning to blogging. Even though she has only posted once I am trying to  gently bully her into posting again by talking about her return in the present tense. I will also proclaim, once again, my presidency of the Jen Sullivan Fan Club - Australian Chapter because that usually gets a response. Is that bait enough, Eleanor?
I think of Eleanor as one of my bloggy sisters. I have made a few very dear friends since starting this (rather self-indulgent) blog 7 years ago and E is definitely one of them and now one of my actual sisters has started a blog. My sister-in-law has just written her first post over at Irish Girl, Australian Heart. I am sure she will enjoy blogging as much as I have.
I still have hopes that Aunty S will start a blog about her life as a children's book publisher and the object of Neil Gaiman's affections. No-one knows kid's books like Aunty S and she'll be in Bologna and Paris later at Easter and we all want to hear about that, don't we?


Eleanor said…
Aunty S has been the object of Neil Gaiman's affections. And I, your dear blog sister, only hear about it today?

You are truly the devil.

Eleanor said…
Congrats to your sister-in-law on starting her blog. Can't get the link to work though....
blackbird said…
Am on vacation and the mere mention of Bologna....I would like to read her, though.

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