Road Trip

Pear - version number 2 by George Baldessin outside the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra.
7 pears for 7 duyvkens.
Shadow casting by day, shadow throwing by night.
Organic, balanced, beautiful, fun.
Baldessin was only 39 when he was killed in a car accident. I will be 39 this year.... what lasting thing of beauty will I be able to leave behind? Was he trying to create a legacy? To create work that would outlast his lifetime? Perhaps his creative instinct drove him on with little thought for the people who would stand beside his work in 2013 marvelling at it's scale and beauty.
Thank you Mr Baldessin. We enjoyed your work this day and by the bright light of the afternoon sun we read your name and remembered you.

* I have enabled word verification with this post after getting a heavy dose of spam. All very complimentary, those spammers who are employed by gambling sites are very good at stroking the old ego but it's not much fun and left with a rather nasty taste in my mouth. In fact, I thought about opening the door of the cage and setting this blog free but I love this little space so will see if WV dissuades them. Do let me know, dear reader, if it is too irritating.


Suse said…
Oh those pears are so beautiful. Seductive curves.

Happy new year to you and all the duvykens, dear A.
blackbird said…
I'm happy to do a wv to say hello to you.
sophie said…
The pears are amazing - so beautiful! WV is kind of essential these days
travellersyarn said…
There were pears at ANU when I was there (on loan from the NGA) and I loved them.

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