School goes back this week and I am not looking forward to it. I like having all the little duyvkens home with me. Kicking back, enjoying ourselves and being free from timetables suits me and I am sorry to see it end. JW will be joining the older ones at 'big school' this year (she's been counting sleeps) and G is starting high school. High school means a new school, new uniform, new friends, travelling independently, a timetable to manage and her own locker. She is particularly excited about those last two things so when I saw this make-your-own magnets project on pinterest I thought she would enjoy it.
We went out for vegie burgers and bought a few pairs of gaudy earrings (honestly, is anyone wearing these out?) and some magnets. We pulled out my trusty glue gun when we got home and after half an hour of giggles and great conversation we had 6 sparkly magnets to help decorate the inside of her locker.
JW and G are both excited about what is ahead of them and aren't nervous about it at all. I honestly wonder where they come from sometimes. They're amazing girls and I'm awfully glad that they're mine.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Heart full.


Julie said…
I also love no routines, having the kids stay up later, (and get up later) and not having to engage in my usual morning routine nag (shoes, beds, lunches, hats etc ad nauseam). It feels like a holiday when the kids aren't at school, even though I'm back at work. I'm quietly dreading the start of the new school year and feel like it has sprung upon us suddenly. Good luck for your new school starter - I have one too.
The Coffee Lady said…
They're super-lucky - what fantastic locker bling!

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