Crafting for a Crafter

Remember when I made a quilt for Delilah? Well, not long after sending it off I got an email from The Proud Grandmother sharing the link to this etsy store, DesignedforDelilah. It turns out that Delilah's mum is also a crafter and sewer. This made me very happy. I always love giving handmade gifts but giving to someone who understands just how much work goes into something like a small quilt is extra special. I know that N will appreciate that handmade especially for them means made with love.
Sometimes when I give a handmade gift I get the distinct impression that it is viewed as being less valuable than something purchased in a store with a plastic tag attached and wrapped in several layers of excess packaging. This doesn't mean that I think the things I make are inherently more valuable than mass-produced things but it does mean that it has been made thoughtfully and I wonder why some people don't see that.
This post has taken an awfully long time to write, I have been distracted by long articles about consumerism, the culture of convenience, quotes from Thoreau (must read more!) and craftivism. There's lots of food for thought out there if you take the time to look for it.
But back to N, L and Delilah, aren't the things in her etsy store adorable? I particularly love the handpainted russian nesting dolls.


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